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Focused on Investment Management and related industries (including Fintech, Insurance and Administration).

AlgoMe was created by industry professionals to provide others with the support they need to get the most out of their careers.

Whether it's to match you to your next job opportunity; provide insight on industry challenges; or find your a regular mentor, we directly connect you using innovative technologies, relevant data and industry insight.

You determine when your profile is shared - complete privacy is assured!

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3-Step process to access matches

Create Your Account: Enter some basic information to allow AlgoMe to authenticate your profile. Once approved, you can start the process of entering the data that differentiates you.

Add Your Skillsets, Aspirations and Needs: AlgoMe's intuitive interface allows you to enter detailed information about yourself so that we can suggest suitable matches to open roles as well as mentors and community forums.

Let AlgoMe Propose Matches: Once matches have been proposed, AlgoMe will validate suitability before sharing the options with you. If you like one of the options proposed, you can send an introductory message directly to your match.

Helping you along the path to success

Using a range of different tools

Advanced Algorithms

Advanced Algorithms

  • Ensuring access to suitable opportunities
We use algorithms to match your skillsets, knowledge and aspirations to opportunities, mentors and communities.
Workflow Tools

Workflow Tools

  • Increasing transparency and reducing inefficiency
We keep you updated throughout the process, allowing you to make informed decisions about your career.
Machine Learning

Machine Learning

  • Constantly improving quality
AlgoMe's data model is enhanced by every match, ensuring quality is continuously improving.
Advanced Algorithms

Support Tools

  • Helping you get ahead
We aim to enhance the experience of our members by providing tools to aid career management.