About AlgoMe

Why should I use AlgoMe?

AlgoMe is a 21st century career management platform that actively searches for opportunities to help manage and advance your career and more. AlgoMe uses algorithms to match you to career opportunities, connect people for mentoring to supporting their career management based on professional experience and business knowledge so it takes the hassle out of searching. 

What makes AlgoMe different from other business networks?

Career management and as part of that recruitment continues to be driven by manual processes and based on traditional CV’s. AlgoMe uses algorithms to match you with companies directly based on the profile data provided by you.

Unlike other business networks, which require users to spend valuable time searching through thousands of profiles (or resumes) to uncover opportunities, AlgoMe does that work for you. Each day our system scans our network of professional profiles to proactively connect you with companies and people who have indicated they need or offer services, skills and more. AlgoMe is all about connecting you with people you should know and not the people you already know.

Who uses AlgoMe?

AlgoMe has recently launched in the UK and Europe and is initially focusing on the Asset Management, Fintech and the broader Financial Services industry. Current registered professionals are mainly based in the UK or willing to relocate to the UK.

If you are a professional who wants to manage and advance his/her career, be a mentor or be mentored and want to be part of a community of experienced professionals, AlgoMe is for you.

Does it cost anything to join AlgoMe?

No, registering on AlgoMe is completely free.

What skill sets are you looking for?

AlgoMe’s initial focus is on Asset Management, Fintech and the broader Financial Services industry. We cover vacancies across all roles within these sectors, which require a broad set of skills ranging from very technical IT skills, change management, risk and compliance to more specific financial skills such as portfolio analysis.

Please ensure that your profile covers an honest reflection of your skills and abilities in order to receive the best possible matches.

What experience are you looking for?

We are a career management platform for experienced professionals and are looking for candidates that have at least 3 years’ experience though this does not necessarily have to be specific industry experience. We strongly believe that certain skills and experiences are transferable between industries. So, if you are looking to move into Asset Management, Fintech and the broader Financial Services industry and you believe your skills and experience are transferable, we suggest you should register with us.

The integrity of our marketplace relies on high quality professionals who are serious about finding new opportunities, mentoring and/or being part of a community of experienced professionals. If that is you please register with AlgoMe.

What if I am not in the UK or Europe?

Our primary focus is on opportunities in the UK and continental Europe. However, we use the location of our community to determine where best to grow our support framework so please create a profile and wait while we expand into your area.

If you are looking to relocate from abroad and are entitled to work in the Europe, we may already have opportunities for you today.

Are there companies that sponsor work visas?

For candidates interested in opportunities in the UK: UK based companies can sponsor the work visa application of candidates who do not currently have the right to work in the UK. However, this will vary from company to company.

Are there any contract, temporary opportunities?

Yes, we have permanent, contract and consultancy opportunities on AlgoMe. Be sure to indicate your interest in any or all of these specific opportunities in the aspirations of your profile.

Are there any opportunities for agile working or working from home?

You can indicate in your aspirations if you are interested in full time, part-time, flexible working. Flexible working and working from home is not necessarily mainstream yet but some opportunities available on our platform could include it. Also, when you are matched and you start the conversation with the company they will see this aspiration in your profile. If you believe it is appropriate you could always discuss the possibility of agile working with the company.

What is your approval process for candidates and companies?

Registration for candidates is free and no specific approval is required beyond a demonstrable talent in your field. Our Terms & Conditions set out what the expectations are from the members on our platform. The most important for candidates being the requirement to include your correct and true information in your profile.

Companies are vetted before inclusion on AlgoMe. Companies must have a clear need to hire, and be willing to provide role details in the offers they make on our platform. Much of our vetting process is qualitative with some technological guidance and a lot of touchpoints from our team to make sure everyone who's in the market, belongs in the market.


Setting up your Profile

How long does it take to create an AlgoMe profile?

AlgoMe is designed to be efficient with your time.

Our quick registration will take a couple of minutes and creation of a basic profile can take a further 15-20 minutes via our launch wizard. You can enrich your profile with more information via our dashboard at your leisure.

What information do you require?

To ensure you increase the chance of being matched, we encourage you to fill out your complete profile including your work experience, skills and aspirations.

With your work experience, skills and aspirations in place, our algorithms will find the most relevant career opportunity for you. We will also inform you when there are currently no suitable matches available.

Do you require my LinkedIn details?

AlgoMe uses your LinkedIn profile as part of our validation process though it is not mandatory to link your profile.  

We are only able to retrieve limited information from LinkedIn and will not have access to your LinkedIn profile without further authorisation so information remains secure.

Why are you asking for my gender and/or age?

We only ask for gender and/or age for statistical reasons or to allow our members the ability to network with exactly the types of people they wish to meet based on business experiences, shared interests, age, gender and more.  

Note: Gender and Age are NEVER used for matching purposes with regards to career opportunities or services.

How do I add more locations to generate more matches?

To add more regions, you’ll need to add them to “work location” in your profile career aspirations.  

My industry or skills are not listed. How can I add them?

Our current focus is on the Asset Management, Fintech and the broader Financial Services industry and we have built out the specific role and skills database for this with the help of over 100 industry experts. We are also developing the other industries to the same detailed level so please bear with us while we work with companies in other industries.

On creation of your profile, you will be able to choose the high level industry you are or have been working in.

You will then be asked to select from a high level of skills associated to your roles within your Work Experience page. Skills can also be added through the Skills page on your profile.

If you would like your industry or skill to be added please email our support team at support@AlgoMe.com with this request.  If your request is in high demand, we will add it to our list of options.  

How do I upload/change my profile picture?

To upload/update your profile picture, go to the personal section. Double click on the picture and either take a new photo or upload one from your library or drive. Please note that the size of the picture is limited to 100 KB. Make sure you “Save details” after having done so.

How do I edit my profile information?

When you are logged in, you can edit each section of your profile by selecting the specific section of your profile choose the “Edit” option and simply change the information and click “save details”.

Equally you can always further enhance your profile and add more relevant information by choosing the same “Edit” option.

I think someone changed my profile, what happened?

Occasionally, we will clean up your profile and/or bring it in line with added functionality, in order to increase your success of being matched. Typically, this involves fixing formatting errors or spelling mistakes and pulling important details into your headline.

We never fabricate new content; those changes only enhance and improve the legibility of the content you provide so that you receive the most interest from employers and other service providers that fit your career aspirations.

If we are in doubt as to what the impact of such a change would be, we would get in touch with you first to ensure that we do not alter your profile incorrectly.

If you believe that the change has altered incorrectly your user profile, we ask you to get in touch with with our client services team (support@AlgoMe.com).


Matching with Job Opportunities

When will others (companies and other members) be able to see my profile?

They will only be able to see the relevant information on your profile if you have been matched with an opportunity or mentor/mentee AND you have confirmed that you accept the proposed match.

AlgoMe is a private network and you remain in control of the information we share.

Can you prevent my current employer from seeing my profile?

Yes! Your profile is not public or visible to companies or recruitment agencies. Our algorithms include making sure that you are not connected to your current employer and confidentiality of your profile is a key element of our platform; you will decide when you are connected for an opportunity or being mentored. AlgoMe will provide your details to the other party if you confirmed the match is suitable for you.

How does your matching algorithm work?

Our matching algorithm uses the information contained in your profile to match you with other AlgoMe members who are looking for your experience and skill sets.  We consider such things as industry, sector, function and role types, skills, location and your specific aspirations and more...  

Each time a company joins AlgoMe and indicates they need what you offer (and vice versa), we let you (and them) know of the opportunity.

Should I wait until the end of the week to accept or decline a match?

If you receive a match to an opportunity of a company that you like, we suggest you should accept immediately. Accepting only means that you will start the formal engagement process with the company. You can still consider other opportunities as they come up.

If I accept a match, will I still be visible to other companies?

Your profile is not visible to companies in general, regardless of how many matches you accept. Upon your acceptance of a match, only the relevant profile data will be made visible to the company.

Accepting any given match does not prohibit you from pursuing multiple opportunities at the same time.

The match and your acceptance is non-binding and only indicates that there is a mutual interest between you and the company. You will indicate to the company if you want to get in touch; confidentiality is key.

If I decline a match but change my mind, how do I re-engage with the company?

You should hold off on declining offers unless you are 100% sure you have no interest. If it is simply a question of compensation or role, you should ask through the interview process for a revision and explain your reasons, and start the conversation that way. If you declined an offer and realise it was a mistake, reach out to our Client Services Team (support@algome.com) and we can facilitate the process going forward.

Do I have to take the job if I accept a match?

Accepting a match is merely the start of the engagement process. You should focus on the real question: 'Is this the right opportunity for me?' Once you accept, it will indicate your interest in the company and the opportunity and will give the company access to relevant data of your profile.

Upon the company accepting you as a candidate for the role, you will then go through a normal interview process where you will learn more about the company and if they are actually a fit for you.

Accepting any given match does not prohibit you from pursuing multiple opportunities at the same time. Once a process reaches a successful conclusion, you will be presented with a formal offer letter and can then decide whether to take the job or not.

Are there interviews? Are they technical?

Just like everybody else, even after receiving a match through AlgoMe, you will still have to interview. Each company is slightly different in how they interview, but all of them do some combination of technical vetting and in-person meetings. 

Some companies will bring you onsite immediately for a meeting and possibly to meet the team whereas others will start with a phone or video call before inviting you to an onsite interview.

If you would like advice ahead of an interview, use the AlgoMe mentoring service to gain advice from other experienced professionals.

How long does it take between getting a match and a job?

If your schedules are aligned, on average it takes 10-20 business days for a match to turn into a final paper offer, with some companies doing it much faster and other companies doing it slower.

Can I continue to participate in AlgoMe after having accepted an offer?

Yes, you can and we believe you should. AlgoMe is not only there to find you the best possible professional opportunity but equally to manage your career aspirations. Why not also use our mentoring services and be part of a community of professionals?

In the future, we will add further services that will help you manage your career aspirations even further.


Being Mentored

What can I expect from my mentor?

AlgoMe mentors offer their time for free so we request that community members treat each other with respect.

We recommend that you meet your mentor once per quarter but it is up to individuals to define the boundaries of their relationship.

What does my mentor get out of the mentoring relationship?

Mentors can gain a lot from the experience of passing on their knowledge to others: They can gain insight from listening to the views of their mentees; increase their network of professionals in the areas that interest them and maintain a connection with the area of expertise.

How do I cancel a mentoring relationship or get a new mentor?

There is no need to formally “cancel” a mentoring relationship. Simply agree that the relationship has run its course and limit your contact.

Can I have multiple mentors?

Getting the most out of a mentoring relationship can take time. We recommend that professionals limit the number of active relationships to 3. However, individuals should use their own judgement.



Where can I find my new (unread) messages?

When you have new matches or messages you will be informed by email and you can directly find it within your profile dashboard. You can always review old messages through your “AlgoMail” page in your profile.

Do you have a mobile app?

Almost! We expect our mobile application to be available in Q3 of 2017. The mobile app serves as a companion app to our website - allowing you to manage your opportunities and being informed about new opportunities and services easily on the go.

Should I invite my network contacts to join AlgoMe?

Our platform is first and foremost a career management tool that aims to connect you to what is relevant to you to manage and advance your career. This will include the professional opportunities, mentoring and being mentored as well as being part of a professional community.

If you think any of network contacts are looking for AlgoMe, we encourage you to invite them through “Invitations” on your personal profile.

Why is ‘Forgot Password’ not working?

If you are having difficulty with receiving your password it may be due to your email settings / preferences filtering our email.  Please first check your spam folder.  If you are unable to locate your password request, please email support@AlgoMe.com.  One of our support team will be able to assist you.

How do I delete my account?

If you want your profile to be deleted we ask you to send a request to support@algome.com. One of our support specialists will be able to delete your details from our database in line with the Terms & Conditions.

Why was my profile suspended/deleted?

AlgoMe may suspend/delete your profile if you have breached the Terms & Conditions. Before doing so we will however investigate the reasons for doing so to ensure such a decision is not taken lightly. We have confidence in our users that they will in principle follow the T&Cs and hence suspending/deleting a profile should be by high exception.

If you feel your profile should not have been suspended/deleted, please send an email to support@AlgoMe.com. Our support team will investigate further and discuss possible reinstatement. 

How do I report inappropriate behavior?

Please write and email to support@algome.com with the profile name and the reasons for inappropriate behavior. We will investigate and will decide on the further action to be taken.