Job Opportunity Matching

We have worked with industry professionals from across all functions of Investment Management to ensure we capture the data that best allows you to showcase your experience. We marry this data with information on your future aspirations to propose the best possible matches.

We know that confidentiality is important so we allow you to control the information flow; only once you have confirmed the suitability, will your profile be shared directly with a prospective employer. No recruitment agents and no obligation.

We make the process as transparent as possible so you will be updated up front if there are no matches. We will also keep you updated on the status of any live opportunities as you go through the recruitment process.


Managing your career can be difficult. Even if you are in the perfect job, sometimes you need independent advice and guidance.

We match individuals to other industry professionals so you can exchange experiences and diversify your knowledge. You can simply chat online or arrange to meet in person.

Once connected, your matches can become part of your network.

Register now to become a mentor or mentee.



Networking can be a time consuming and painful process: you are often limited by who you happened to have met; it is difficult to ascertain who is an expert in a particular field; arranging meetings can take too much time.

We increase your reach by directing questions to the most relevant professionals. Whether it's a one-off question on a specific topic, an industry problem that you want to create a group for or a topic your firm needs help with, we want to give you access to the right people.

If you are seeking wider exposure or want to share your knowledge, why not publish your own thought leadership and push it out to those that care?